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    Nutrimetics Nutri-Clean Controlled Laundry Concentrate (CLC) is a laundry detergent with a super concentrated formula that makes clothes look brighter and whites look whiter. It will not irritate or dry out the most sensitive of skins, and is suitable for use with all fabrics in cold, warm or hot water. The biodegradable, dermatologically tested formula is fast dissolving. It contains yucca extracts to gently cleanse and mild surfactants to ensure the product is mild and gentle.

    $29 / $98
    1L / 5L

    Nutrimetics Nutri-Clean Fabric Softener Concentrate (FSC) is a fabric softener that gently softens and smooths fabrics, leaving them with a light, fresh fragrance. The biodegradable, dermatologically tested, highly concentrated, vegetable based formula makes clothes easy to iron and reduces static cling. It is suitable for delicate fabrics.


    Nutrimetics Nutri-Clean Heavy Duty Concentrate (Hevi-Clean) is a household cleanser formulated for heavy cleaning jobs, including degreasing, deodorising and dissolving embedded dirt on washable non-porous surfaces, including outdoor furniture and driveway surfaces. The biodegradable, dermatologically tested and highly versatile formula contains cleansers, surfactants and ammonia to dissolve grease.

    $27 / $82
    1L / 5L

    Nutri-Clean Original Lotion Concentrate (OLC)

    5/5 stars from 2 reviews

    Nutrimetics Nutri-Clean Original Lotion Concentrate (OLC) is an all-purpose household cleanser proven to be gentle on the skin. The biodegradable, non-alkaline, dermatologically tested and highly versatile formula can also be used as a fruit and vegetable wash. It contains yucca extracts to gently cleanse, surfactants derived from plants to ensure the product is mild and gentle as well as cocamidopropyl betaine to repel lint and dust.

    $23 / $82
    1L / 5L
    Latest Review:
    OLC is a must have product from nutrimetics. I remember going to parties years ago and seeing the consultant wash broccoli with it and seeing the before and after was insane! The OLC removed all the chemicals… Read full review

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